Welcome to Holy Cross

When you arrive on campus for move-in day as a first-year student, it is quite possibly the most magical day of your life. Your whole family tried to tell you what it would be like. Everyone in my family lived the Holy Cross move-in day experience. And still, their descriptions were nothing like the actual experience. Picture this:

When you get off I-290 cars are backed up on the highway to get onto College St where Students, faculty, and alumni line the roads to welcome you to campus and for the first time, you feel like you are in the magic of the Holy Cross community.  Here are a few things to be excited about:

Move In Crews

Yep, you heard it here! Holy Cross students are ready to move every first-year student into their dorm. They carry everything upstairs for you. Be sure to thank them for all they do, because some of them may end up becoming your Orientation Leaders.

Seeing Your Dorm For The First Time and Meeting Your Roommate In Person 

The dorms aren’t huge, but the feel like home after you unpack. Bring lots of decorations and be sure to cover your wall with an approved tapestry or posters. Also be sure to buy extra layers for your bed like a Tempurpedic pad and an egg crate.

My roommate and I also became fast friends. Holy Cross matches students according to their habits and usually does a wonderful job in placing like-minded people together. Meeting your roommate for the first time can definitely be scary, but is always really fun. You automatically have a friend to hang out with during orientation, and your roommate is in the same Orientation group as you.

First Day of Class: 

Don’t be nervous! College is academically intense but really fun. Picture your favorite classes in High School, but ten times more interesting and enriching. My first class on the first day of classes was Introduction to International Relations and to say that it was amazing is an understatement. You learn more in one class at college than you do in two weeks of school during high school.

Get Excited

As you decide where to apply for college, keep all of these things in mind. Holy Cross’ community-based approach to the beginning of freshman year makes the transition that much easier and worthwhile. Holy Cross is an extremely special place that anyone would be lucky to experience.